Dhaka seminar: connecting through knowledge sharing

Hosted by ANU Alumni Ambassadors in Dhaka

Celebrate 2023 ANU Alumni Week with our global alumni community.

Join fellow alumni for a seminar in Dhaka, as we gather to explore the topic ‘Connecting through knowledge sharing’, during 2023 ANU Alumni Week, this Saturday 18 March 2023. 

Hosted by ANU Alumni Ambassadors in Dhaka – and led by Tofayel Ahmed (MIntDevEc '16), Subarna Sarkar (MPubPol '16) and Muhammad Hasanujzaman (MEconDevEc ‘16) – this seminar is a great opportunity to delve further into the topic of knowledge sharing, as we reconnect over nibbles and refreshments.

If you would like to submit a presentation for inclusion in the seminar, please fill out your details in the space provided or email alumni@anu.edu.au. The instructions are below and presentations must be submitted by Wednesday 15 March. 

Please note this seminar is available for ANU alumni only. 

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Date: Saturday 18 March 2023

Time: 3–6pm BST

Location: Conference Room, Department of Development Studies, Arts Building, Dhaka University, Nilkhet Rd, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh

Cost: BDT 500 TK per person


Alumni Relations
Phone: 02 6125 5004
Email: alumni@anu.edu.au


Registration is paid and essential for this event. If you are feeling unwell or unable to attend, please cancel before Wednesday 15 March. No cancellations will be processed from Thursday 16 March 2023.

By registering for this event, you are accepting our privacy policy.

Call for presentations

If you would like to submit a presentation for inclusion in the seminar, please send a pitch on one or more of the topics below by Wednesday 15 March 2023 to Mr Hasanujzaman at ANUalumniseminarBD@gmail.com.

Presentations can be 8-10 minutes with an opportunity for Q&A.

Available topics include:

  • Any published or draft academic paper by ANU alumni.
  • Any published or unpublished policy paper by ANU alumni.
  • How learnings from ANU have enhanced your capacity, knowledge and skills in your career, after returning from Australia.
  • How ANU has helped you make an impact on the development and growth of Bangladesh.
  • How alumni networking can be better used for professional and self-development.
  • Any other achievement made by ANU alumni, particularly in Bangladesh.