Kambri Scholars

Come together to change the future

Arts and Culture

A community of artists, musicians and scholars dedicated to enriching cultural life in Australia and the world by expanding human understanding and intellectual curiosity.

Climate Change and the Environment

Advancing innovative and environment-based solutions to address the global urgency of climate change and nature conservation.

Equality, Gender and Justice

Bringing together experts and stakeholders from across the world to progress an inclusive, contemporary society through research and social justice initiatives.

First Nations

Working towards improved democratic participation, societal equity and economic opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Technology and Innovation

Working at the forefront of sustainable, innovative and human-centric solutions to transform society through the application of cutting-edge research and technology.

* All figures sourced from Universities Australia, 2022 Higher Education Facts and Figures.


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2022 Report to Donors

Celebrate the ANU donor and volunteer community, and the many ways in which it contributes to the University, with this collection of inspiring stories that demonstrate the importance and impact of philanthropy.



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